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Highly qualified and experienced personnel

Using industry leading technology from the highest quality suppliers.

PV Solar

Opportunity for you or your business to have PV Solar funded, designed, installed and maintain at no cost to your business using a proven model with a substantial revenue share.

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  • We fund and install PV Solar at no cost to you
  • We agree a revenue share model with you
  • Complete turn-key solution. We deal with all the paper work
  • We sell the green electricity produced by the PV Solar funded by us to BLPC under the FIT regulations
  • Williams Solar is our main PV Solar contractor

[/dt_vc_list][dt_vc_list]    - Site survey, design and planning permissions

    - Installation and maintenance[/dt_vc_list][dt_vc_list dividers="false"]

  • WREL provides the funding via Green Bonds or otherwise
  • Assistance with Greenhouse Gases reporting


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The Benefits of Green Bonds

Investor Benefits

  • Comply with regulation
  • Invest in sustainable products and initiatives without taking on additional risk
  • Develop better-informed investment strategies
  • Broaden restricted investment portfolios
  • Remove cost of environmental due diligence

Issuer Benefits

  • Increase investor demand and diversification
  • Improve relationships with debt providers
  • Strengthen issuers’ leadership
  • Enhance issuers’ reputation and brand value
  • Help communicate issuers’ sustainability narrative and strategies
  • Boost integration between finance and sustainability teams

Systemic Benefits

  • Stimulate positive stock market reaction and improvements in financial performance
  • Foster green innovations
  • Transition towards low-carbon and resource-efficient economies
  • Contribute to public-private-partnerships development opportunities
  • Facilities climate policies

International Awards

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9th Green Bond Pioneer Awards
Award: New Market Green Pioneer
London 2020

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11th Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum
Award: Best Financing
Miami 2019

Our Team

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Dwight Grannum

CEO WCC Barbados

Former Head of Technology at Digicel Barbados, MBA in the UK with focus on the renewable energy sector.
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Charlene Holder

Financial Controller

Chartered accountant for 12+ years.
Former auditor with PwC.
Former financial controller with large pharmaceutical company.
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Nidia Reader

Operations Executive

Former Regional Managing Director of
Projects at SURVISION SAS, Colombia.

MSc (Eng.) from The University of Leeds, UK.

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Danielle Springer

Senior Accountant

Chartered Accountant for over 4 years in audit with KPMG.
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Barry O'Brien

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Honorary Consul from Jamaica to Ireland,
Chairman IFPIL and SCG Growth Partners,
Former Digicel CEO
Chartered Director & B.Eng UCC
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Ciaran Burke

Co-Managing Director & Co-Founder

Director General Accident Insurance PLC
Former Digicel Barbados and Regional CFO
Former Big Four Audit Manager,
Fellow Chartered Accountant.
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David Staples

Chairman WCC

Group Board Director Williams Industries,
Chairman Doyle Sails and Concordia (USA),
Master’s degree from Harvard University.
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Mar 2021: RF Bank complete $14m Bond Raise for WCC

Feb 2021: WCC $40m Issuance. Energy Finance in the Caribbean

Jul 2020: WCC is a winner at the Global Green Bond Pioneer Awards

Nov 2019: WCC wins best Financing Award at CREF

Jun 2019: WCC achieved Climate Bond Initiative green bond certification

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